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About Me

My research and teaching passion is Computer Science. I've taught many different CS courses including introductory courses, databases, operating systems, systems programming, and theory of computation. My CS education research is largely related to Peer Instruction, student achievement goals, and Concept Inventory instruments. Seriously, I can't imagine a career more fun than this. I also don't try too hard to imagine such a career because then I might be less content with this one.

Hmmm, what else. Well, I listen to video game music and I enjoy baseball. Note to future students: if you take an evening class with me, I can't guarantee I'll be there in October!

To relax, I'll watch pretty much whatever terrible sitcoms I can find on TV, read fiction of little redeeming value, or mess around writing songs that aren't worth the bits used to encode them. Also, Jeopardy is awesome.